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Phillips County was created by the State Legislature in March of 1889 and named in honor of R.O. Phillips, Secretary of the Lincoln Land Company.  Through the years, our steadfast residents faced many challengers including the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.  Phillips County Museum is proud to house the documents, pictures and artifacts of the people, businesses and organizations who helped build our communities that have remained firmly rooted on the Colorado Prairie. We invite you to visit the Phillips County Museum to explore the exhibits that tell the story of Phillips County’s pioneering residents. Step back in time as you enter the one room school house, complete with desks, chalkboard, readers and even a wood stove. 
Enjoy our extensive collection of domestic appliances that were “better than sliced bread” in their day. Explore how farming techniques have vastly developed from the horse drawn equipment and see our display of old implements.Learn about the thrilling Haxtun Bank Robbery in our picture exhibit. We offer a variety of special events and programs throughout the year.  Click on the What’s New tab to see our Events and Programs.

The Phillips County Museum is a “must do” for visitors and locals alike and offers something for all ages and interests.  We are sure you will enjoy the historical experience! Click on Home and select Plan Your Visit.

The Phillips County Historical Society was organized May 16, 1967.

We are dedicated to collecting and preserving the historical documents and artifacts of Phillips County

Please visit the Phillips County COGEN Website for excellent information about the county

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Admission is always free!

Wednesdays - 1:30 to 4:00 pm 

Come on by and browse or chat with the people accessioning, cataloging, preserving and cleaning.  We have genealogy resources as well as numerous artifacts and research avenues.

During Special Events 

Check out Events and Programs.  We have various programs planned throughout the year.

Special Appointment

Call us on Wednesday afternoons (970-854-2129) or call any of the 

Board Members to set up a time to see the museum.  

Board Members

President, Peggy Davis - 854-3277

Vice President, Hilda Hassler - 854-3311

Treasurer, Carol Haynes - 854-3494

Secretary, Carrie Anderson - 854-2751

Charley Triplette - 854-3256

Tom Edwards - 774-7310

Carol Fleshman - 720-335-2993

Jim McBee - 466-9048

Caryl Harvey - 854-2665

Have family or friends coming for a visit?  How many times have you heard someone telling stories from "back in the day"?  They talk about items that you just don't find in our stores today.  This is especially true for today's children. Bring them on down and show them the implements we used to farm with or the kitchen "appliances" we once labored over.  The one room school house is a big hit with kids!  Ours is furnished to simply step back in time.

Like to see us have more open hours?  Consider volunteering.  

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